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Giving children and young people the best start in life

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Health visitors: Giving our children the best possible start

The health visiting service has been transformed in recent years to improve access, experience, outcomes and contribute to reducing health inequalities. This is the story of what's been achieved through more health visitors and renewed vision. Follow @VivJBennett or

Using small area data for local planning on the health of children

Over the years, we in PHE have had many requests for data for small geographical areas, particularly for electoral wards. Through our work leading the National Child and Maternal (ChiMat) Health Intelligence Network we have seen that while those working …

Improving the health of vulnerable families

Improving the health of our most vulnerable families is one of the most complex, but potentially rewarding challenges we face.  However, it cannot be tackled in isolation.  It requires services to be joined up around the family, intervening at an …

Encouraging safer sexual behaviour with high quality services

We know that young adults remain the age group most at risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in England. Public Health England’s latest national data show that, in 2013, 15-24 year olds experienced around two thirds of all chlamydia cases …