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Health inequalities

Improving the health of vulnerable families

Improving the health of our most vulnerable families is one of the most complex, but potentially rewarding challenges we face.  However, it cannot be tackled in isolation.  It requires services to be joined up around the family, intervening at an …

Tackling northern health inequalities: The timing couldn’t be better

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We all know there can be huge gaps in life expectancy experienced between different stops on the tube or an equivalent bus route, in Bath or Blackpool, Plymouth, Coventry, Nottingham or Sheffield.  Familiarity with these gaps can dim their power …

Hepatitis C: progress through partnership

Monday was World Hepatitis Day, the annual awareness raising day coordinated by the World Hepatitis Alliance. Over 170 organisations who work in the field of viral hepatitis, representing every region of the world are involved, and our own Dr. Helen Harris …