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Reducing preventable deaths

Posts relating to PHE Priority 1: Reducing preventable deaths

Strengthening our intelligence

English philosopher Sir Francis Bacon once said, “Knowledge is power”.  The more of it we have, the better informed and equipped we are to address any issues and drive improvements. And this too is true for health.  Within Public Health …

Making HIV testing part of how we care for ourselves

Via Wikimedia Commons

HIV remains a major source of harm to people’s health, much of which is avoidable.  There are more HIV tests being performed in England than at any time in the three decades we’ve been battling this virus. That’s welcome, but …

Of RAGs and riches: indicators of public health in the Public Health Outcomes Framework

“Are we there yet?” You don’t have to travel very far with small children before you are asked this question. In fact, a survey by in March 2013 reported that children ask their mothers around 300 questions every day …