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Public health matters

Jamie Waterall

Professor Jamie Waterall is the National Lead for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Associate Deputy Chief Nurse at Public Health England.

Jamie is responsible for leading PHE’s work to reduce CVD-related deaths, ill-health and health inequalities through a focus on prevention.

Jamie leads a team providing critical oversight and support of the delivery of the NHS Health Check programme across England. He is responsible for ensuring that PHE provides clear national leadership, governance, advice and information on areas such as improving uptake, equitable access, and ensuring quality and consistency of this world leading non-communicable disease prevention programme.

Jamie also chairs the Cardiovascular Disease Prevention System Leadership Forum (CVDSLF), established in 2018 to bring a greater systems approach to tackling CVD, working in partnership with national and local government, statutory bodies, NHS, academia, third sector organisations and professional bodies including the Royal College of Nursing and Royal Collage of General Practitioners.

As Associate Deputy Chief Nurse, Jamie leads on PHE’s All Our Health (AOH) programme. The AOH framework is a call to action to all health and care professionals to embed prevention within their day to day practice. Through educational materials, tools and resources, it helps professionals make an even greater impact in preventing illness, protecting health and promoting wellbeing.