Jamie Waterall

Jamie is the National Lead for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Associate Deputy Chief Nurse at Public Health England.

One of Jamie’s key roles is to lead a team providing critical oversight and support of the delivery of the NHS Health Check programme across England. Jamie is responsible for ensuring that PHE provides clear national leadership, governance, and advice and information on areas such as improving uptake, equitable access, and ensuring quality and consistency of this world leading public health programme. Jamie is also the chair of the National Blood Pressure System Leadership Board, which was established in 2014 to bring a greater focus on the prevention, detection and management of the leading global risk factor for premature death and disability. He and the wider board members published England’s evidence into action plan on tackling high blood pressure in November 2014.

One of Jamie’s key strategic roles is to lead on PHE’s All Our Health programme, which brings together important resources, focusing on priority public health topics for front line health and care staff.