Public health matters

Éamonn O’Moore

Dr Éamonn O’Moore graduated in medicine from University College Dublin in 1991. He was appointed Director for Health & Justice in the newly formed Public Health England (PHE) in May 2013. He was appointed Director of the UK Collaborating Centre for the WHO Health in Prisons Programme (European Region) in July 2013. He had worked previously as with the Health Protection Agency as Director of Thames Valley Health Protection Unit (2008-2013) and as a public health consultant with Offender Health in the Department of Health (2005-2013). He also is a Specialty Doctor in Sexual Health and Lead Clinician the Newbury Saturday Sexual Health Service, part of the Royal Berkshire Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Throughout his career, he has worked to understand and meet the health and social care needs of vulnerable, marginalised or excluded people and communities. His research interests include prison health, migrant health, sexual health, HIV & BBVs, and health inequalities.

Hepatitis C: progress through partnership

Monday was World Hepatitis Day, the annual awareness raising day coordinated by the World Hepatitis Alliance. Over 170 organisations who work in the field of viral hepatitis, representing every region of the world are involved, and our own Dr. Helen Harris …